Everything that happens in the Universe starts with intention – Deepak Chopra

The law of cause and effect is essential to contemplate in the context of Deepak Chopra’s quote… we are both the cause and the effect within our Universe and we can only assure beautiful outcomes if we are disciplined in our understanding of how our intention and consequent action, in other words how we live our lives, impacts our world.

Exploring the meaning of ‘intention’ in the context of how we live our lives conjures a number of different interpretations. Some write about it in the sense of ‘being good’ and seeking to do no harm. Others focus on the discipline that’s needed to enact the purity of intention and create new habits of thought and behaviour. Still others, the relative value of intention over action, in other words purity of intention counteracts any mishap in the actual follow through into action.

For me, all of these hold some value and yet still don’t quite get there in terms of my experience of the fullness of intention. When we are fully harnessing the power of intention we are achieving an alignment of magical proportions – aligning the purity of love, the purposefulness of pure thought and the discipline and strength of impersonal will. In other words we have set aside our personality needs or responses and gathered our inner resources into a place of coalition and launched them into the ‘world’ with the focus and direction of an archer’s arrow.

This level of coalition can feel somewhat easier to grasp (though not necessarily easy to implement) on the big things – like launching a new project or addressing a specific aspect of our habits or personality. Holding a powerful and conscious image of the purpose and potential outcomes of a project is big enough to register into our consciousness and therefore we potentially harness our intention more successfully.

And, like all things in the world of human evolution though, we are seeking to maintain clarity of intention in every aspect of livingness, and I personally find that a much bigger leap. So often we speak about having good self-awareness but in the case of maintaining a dynamic relationship with the impact we bring about, we need also a dynamic level of self-awareness – continuous and in the moment. Whether it’s how we drive our car, relate to our colleagues, interact with fellow humans on the street or our relationship with the ecosystem in which we live.

Lorraine Flower