I have, I confess, come late to the idea and practice of gardening.  The garden I have created is all about structure and order and has relied heavily on the advice and practical assistance of those more proficient in the green finger department than me (not difficult).  Yet they’ve also worked under the rules that none of the plants chosen should grow in an unruly fashion.

It will be increasingly clear by now that I really do know nothing about gardening…plants do not grow to order and to a shape, height and uniformity prescribed. All we can do is sow the seeds with love, provide food and water imbued with positive energy, allow a magical process to unfold, wait patiently and watchfully for those first tender shoots and then nurture and appreciate what comes.

And so it is with intentions. When we’re trying to bring about change for the greater good intentions consciously formed and positively energised are vital. We can’t really call on the power of the Universe if we aren’t clear about what we’re asking for.  So as gardeners/leaders we must prepare the ground, tilling the soil in ourselves and shaping the seeds so they have the best chance to take root through our meditative or other reflective practice.

Then we must continue to shower positive energy on those intentions whilst holding them lightly, devoid of rigid plans or outcomes that must look exactly like this or that so we don’t stifle the magical creative process.  In fact too much focus on exactly what we want takes us into the space of scarcity and fear – that space where we tend to attract exactly what we don’t want largely because we were focusing on what could go wrong rather than right.

Letting go to let come is an important part of manifesting our intentions, as I have learned not just in my physical garden but in the garden of my soul. So let us plant our intentional seeds and when the green shoots appear, as they will, recognise their beauty and that we’ve been sent what we need.

Trudy Worth