We are at a moment in history where the world seems to have shifted on its axis. And that shift, that change in what’s accepted and ‘normal’ seems to increase each day.

As a student of current affairs over many years I have a deep interest in what’s happening in the world. And it would be easy to get drawn into the hand-wringing, catastrophising kind of conversations that have all too often characterised discussions with some of those around me. Brexit and the change of direction in the States would have been fodder for these conversations. And yet, all they add is more turbulent energy to the turbulence.

Over the past few months I have been working with intention as a conscious leader quality, intentionally choosing my thoughts and feelings around the events that I follow closely, to observe with greater detachment, to notice the nature of my feelings and the direction my thoughts are taking – old paradigm or new – and to join the conversation exploring why these events, why now and most pertinently what are they catalysing for good.

In holding this intention what I notice within myself is a greater sense of possibility and optimism about the future of the world.

And I have brought the practice much closer to home too. I have noticed its effect in one of my wider family relationships. Holding the intention to engage differently, to not get sucked into the challenges this person is facing with ‘you should’ or ‘you need to’ responses has started to subtly shift us to right relationship and a place where maybe I can do some good.