When your intentions are pure, so too will be your success.Charles F. Glassman

I don’t know if it’s the same for you but as I have been contemplating the value and essence of ‘intention’ as part of our focus on qualities, I have come increasingly to realise that it needs more than the head to get in on the act if we are to be successful.

In the discussions we had to define this quality, we focused heavily on the need to be aware of our intentions – what is it that underpins our actions, what are they motivated by. To that end, each day, I set out on my day having reconnected with my intention to interact with the world with as much love and goodwill as possible. I do this because I believe that love will guide me to choosing the right response and taking the right action in any given situation. This can be at the most banal level of how lovingly I wait in a queue (my impatience is undeniably one of my less attractive features) to more ‘significant’ interactions such as how I connect with a group of leaders, how I share my wisdom or how I express my own leadership.

So, in deepening my reflections on ‘Intention’, the word that struck me most strongly in the quote above is the word ‘pure’. Purity of intention calls on us to examine deeply and let go of any limiting beliefs, power plays or subtle manipulations that may be at work within us. To communicate and relate with others from a place of pure intention means letting go of our own ‘wounds’ or limitations so that we can truly connect from a place of pure love. I’m discovering that like anything that is truly authentic, this has to be more than a mantra or a ‘note to self’. For intention to truly be pure we need to truly love ourselves – not in the narcissistic way but in the sense of letting love flow…to us and from us.

A healthy relationship with love enables us to act from a place of pure intention. So a big part of my practise over the past many months has been to examine love from many angles and the degree to which I can connect with a deep felt sense of love – both in-inflowing and outgoing – and allow this to infuse my sense of focus or intention. This is, of course, a work in progress and I still have many days or times when I’m less successful for sure, but I am noticing that my ability to be in the world with others from a place of goodwill (one of my intentions) is playing out in inner peacefulness and therefore more considered interactions.