The mind in the heart

Of course we’ve all heard of putting our foot in our mouth but I wonder if we have ever pondered the idea of the mind in the heart? Most of us will be very aware of the power of persistence, determination and will when seeking to get things done. And yet there is another way which one might almost describe as alchemical. It’s the power that comes when we imbue our dreams and aspirations with a higher purpose outcome filled with love.

This alchemical process has its greatest power when we are able to align our ‘thoughts’ or intention with the love that is in our hearts. In those moments in meditation, mindfulness or reflection when we are truly able to feel the flow between our mind and our sense of higher love, something magical happens. We start to sense that there is more power being brought to bear, that the resources available to us grow, that the path becomes perhaps more open or easier to navigate. The heart has its own intelligence that we need to access just as the mind has its own heart…if we look for it.

It is this quality of intention that our world needs now – in organisational leadership, in politics, in social activism, in religious leadership. In fact, in leadership full stop.

And if it all feels a bit too lofty let us recall that in all probability, most of our best and most impactful decisions are made and actions taken, when we are able to combine the head with the heart in the right measure. The scale of opportunity (and threat) facing humanity now calls for every leader to access this reservoir of heartful, intelligent intention toward the greater good in every moment of every day.

Lorraine Flower