Cultivating a new field

“The control and power to construct or destroy is within you – choose wisely.” Sepideh Irvani

What are you thinking right now? Is it a thought that lifts or one that lowers?  Every day our minds are a mass of thoughts…some tiny and seemingly inconsequential, others more substantial.  Some are fleeting, scudding through like fluffy clouds.  Others may hang around longer, mushrooming with positivity or not.  And each, whatever their longevity and scale, has the power to create or destroy. For us and the world around us.

Choosing our thoughts wisely is a deep responsibility we carry, a privilege of our humanness. In every moment we need to be more present, more engaged with those thoughts, elevating them out of gloom. Catching and reframing where we need to. Then sending them out into the ether infused with love and light.

In doing so we’re helping cultivate a universal field that will embrace and help change our troubled world for the better.  That has to be work worth doing.

So, what are you thinking right now?

Trudy Worth