One less plastic bottle in the sea

Every day new headlines can suggest the efforts of each of us to do the right thing, to do our bit, to make a difference are somewhat, if not utterly, futile.  The nature of the news itself, more often than not, is profoundly depressing.  Of course bad news sells though that’s surprising when we consider that good moods and positivity spread faster from person to person than bad.

Our recent headlines have included those highlighting our efforts at recycling as pointless and that much of the material we diligently separate from the waste stream for recycling ends up in landfill which rather negates the effort.

Whether this is true or not I find myself unwilling to change the new habit I’ve formed – recycling all that I can.  I hold the belief that each of us has to do our own bit however small that may be. If my efforts mean one less plastic bottle in the sea, or the earth, one less fellow creature harmed it is worth the effort.

Underpinning the recycling habit is intention to make a difference.  A recognition that every action, whatever the scale, matters and that a positive orientation in the actions of each of us adds up to something significant, powerful and contributing to the greater good.

Of course habits around recycling are a mere fragment of the bigger picture but if we apply the same positive intention, consciously, to all that we do – our thoughts and words as well as actions – imagine the difference that could make.

Constant examination of our choices and reflection on the resulting actions and impacts are a vital part of the practice to ensure we are nurturing our intention in the right way and to the right end. It’s not an easy endeavour but it truly matters if we are to create a more positive future for our world.

Trudy Worth