Cause or effect?

I heard the song ‘Chain reaction’ by Diana Ross on the radio the other day and it strikes me that the world feels a lot like that these days…a series of chain reactions. With 24/7 images, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and the like, and the constant stream of sound bite news it’s very easy to focus on the effects in our world. To see the consequences of human action or inaction. Whether it’s the global news or more locally within our families, we often get drawn into the immediate moment, especially of course in crises but also in the everyday to-ing and fro-ing of life.

The transitory, fast paced nature of the world we ‘inhabit’ and/or have created, doesn’t require us to dwell too long on anything – in fact the opposite. There’s always something different or new coming along which could mean that we are tempted not to consider our collective actions too deeply.

And yet if we recall the basic laws of physics and those ‘chain reactions’, every action causes a reaction. Cause leads to effect. So if we took a little time to contemplate the intention behind our actions we might create different and better impacts.

If we were to pause, reflect and connect inwards more often, we could examine the factors underpinning our actions. Asking ourselves questions such as ‘what’s the scope of my responsibility in the situation?’ Or ‘who or what does this action serve?’ And, it’s often easier to relate this type of question to the big ticket items or situations which may have more substantial outcomes depending on the choices we make.

But what about the more subtle and less obvious situations? Like what we are thinking in every moment. You know, when you are walking along and mulling your thoughts, turning over issues, events and so on. The power of the intention underpinning those thoughts and the degree to which they are informed by a loving, heartfelt energy will determine the effect or outcome both in the immediate sense of the specific issue/situation, and in the broader sense of the amount of ‘thought-led energy pollution’ we put out there.

Maybe it’s time to set ourselves a higher ecology goal that includes ‘lifting up’ the quality of thought-life that we all lead, and asking ourselves whether we are holding the highest possible intention at all times so that we contribute to a better quality effect in and on the world.

Lorraine Flower