‘Intention is the core of all conscious life. Conscious intention colours and moves everything.’  Hsing Yun

Success, achievement, positive outcomes may occasionally just happen, seemingly the result of happenstance.  More likely though – and if we reflect deeply enough – they’re the result of an intention well-set, the seed form of that we wish to create and, ideally, connected to a commitment toward the greater good.

Setting the right intention, shaping the seed, requires preparation.  I know from my own experience that the time and attention I bring to shaping my intentions determines the quality of the outcome.  Where I am less clear such as forming a generalised let this be a good day with little real thought behind it the outcome may or may not be what I intended.

Yet where I have prepared, bringing my full attention to the moment, perhaps through meditative or mindful application, the intentional seed I release into the universe consciously is clear and pure and goes without strings or caveats.  The outcome usually has a clear relationship with my intention and where it doesn’t I am trusting that what transpires is exactly what is needed.

As leaders we have a responsibility to prepare our intentions consciously and with care if we are to contribute to the greater good that we seek in the world.  It is a reminder that I’m taking to heart and into my daily practice.

Trudy Worth