In celebration of the heart

The heart is many things and has many qualities.  It is, I’m sure you’d agree, vital in every respect.  What I’ve particularly been reflecting on over recent days though is its extraordinary tempering quality, allowing us to be tough and kind, clear and compassionate at the same time.

The heart is truly our centre of balance with the here and now and our higher self, higher connection.  Its rhythm is the rhythm of above and below, of inner and outer.

I have been reminded of this recently in my coaching work.  Coaching others is an extraordinary privilege and, for me, our heart is the most vital component in this relationship.

Only by staying heart-centred and accessing its compassion, courage and connection with intuition can we be the coach we need to be in service of our fellow human beings…

  • Holding the space that allows powerful and disabling emotions – anger, resistance, denial – to surface and dissipate safely
  • Gently but firmly keeping the exploration of what could be different and how, on track
  • Monitoring and maintaining our intuitive connection so we are truly in service of the other

Building heart to heart connection may sound soft but in reality it’s deep and powerful work that shows us the truth of who we are.

Trudy Worth