The subtlety of the heart

˜The highest form of communication will be the grasping of thought without sound.” Agni Yoga – Heart 107

The heart is the most powerful communicator of all. This can be easily seen by expressions of kindness, understanding of others, ability to truly connect with another by ‘speaking’ their language. So often we get caught up with the more idealistic or ‘romantic’ notions associated with the heart – thinking that the heart is only functioning if it is ladling out softness and caring. Not to say that these aren’t great qualities too – they are.

The challenge for us though lies in our ability to be deeply dedicated to goodness from which we can then radiate through the heart. Being dedicated to goodness means a deep commitment to the greater good for all, be that in the micro of our immediate relationships or in the macro of the global village we inhabit. Transcending to this more fundamental level of heart expression brings a grace and beauty, a level of warmth and connection that is extremely subtle yet discernible and powerful.

That deep connection to goodness informs all aspects of our lives (health, well-being, attitude and demeanour) as well as our impulses or responses – the extent to which we are prepared to see beyond what another presents to us and not ‘judge’ too harshly, the discernment we bring when choosing the level of support or challenge we apply to a situation or the courage we deploy when confronting inequality of any nature.

As I examine my own journey with the heart l can clearly see how that soundless communication shows up for better or worse in my own sense of self, my response to the world, my work, with my family and with my friends. At its best, I notice its subtlety, almost like a gossamer web that expands its reach – full of warmth, grace and understanding. In each moment of awareness there’s a sense of a more expanded and willing acceptance of life’s situations, my own shortcomings and those of others. And that’s coupled always with the courage to continue the work of heart expansion that enables more of those moments to become joined up.

Lorraine Flower