“At the centre of all love I stand:
From that centre, I the soul will outward move;
From that centre, I the one who serves will work.
May the love of the divine Self be shed abroad in my heart, through my group and throughout the world.”

From ‘The Significance of the Heart’ Nancy E.A. Magor

I have been practising – holding the quality of heart and with the meaning of this verse, stepping into the heart of it if you like as preparation for my work.  And, I’ve been reminding myself to return to it, and the power of heart, when I can feel frustration arising with the situation I am in or the person/group I am engaging with.

What I have noticed in taking this as my guiding principle – in one-to-one coaching and in working with groups – and particularly using it as a touchstone in more challenging situations, is that it allows me to connect with the other person at a more soulful level.

For example, I start to appreciate the fear my challenging may be provoking rather than judging it as resistance, recalcitrance or defensiveness.  I begin to experience the other person as a fellow soul wrestling with all too human emotions and the challenges of the personality. And I notice the quality of my empathy shifts with this soul connection helping me support the other through my challenge in a way that helps them consider, if not completely get beyond, their fears.

I feel compelled to share something else that has flowed for me from practising with this verse.  I am not a great traveller when that activity has me squished into a commuter train carriage heading into or out of central London in the rush hour.  The word prickly is an apt descriptor.  Yet I have found bringing to heart the words ‘at the centre of all love I stand’ helps me connect with a sense of one-ness, unity with my fellow travellers.

Heartfulness transforms life’s journeying at so many levels.

Trudy Worth