heartBalancing the qualities of the heart

Of all the qualities we are working with as part of the Conscious Leadership development work ‘heart’ is the one that resonates most deeply with me and equally the one I often find most challenging.

I think of myself as a ‘good’ person, someone who cares about others and who tries to live in a reasonably selfless way.

And yet time and time again I find myself having to reset my ‘centre ‘, to remind myself what living through and from the heart is really all about. In particular for me, balancing the line between expressing kindness and showing courage demands really seeing the humanness in both myself and others. Sometimes, I can be too strong on the courage front – or for that read perhaps too open and direct.

I notice however that when I am truly connected with my heart and coming from a place of love then I am able to see and experience the good (that we all have within us).This in turn enables me to communicate and relate to others with a very powerful blend of insight and passion whilst maintaining an energy and truth that is seated in kindness.

On a practical level this means that I have been properly checking in with myself to connect with a person’s or group’s ‘goodness’ especially when the communication feels like it is or will become tricky. In other words, when I notice that my centre is being disturbed then I consciously explore the quality of my connection with the other person.

Lorraine Flower