Expressing our passion

‘Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.’ –  Martha Graham

Passion has the power to transform.  Elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary. Lifting us out of the mundane and making compelling dancers of us all, irrespective of our skill with the steps.

As humans our task is surely to connect with our passion for, and in, life and polish our own unique way of expressing it, not just in what we do but also how so that we can make our fullest contribution to creating a better world.

For some passion will show up as a full-on ‘roar’ of the Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King variety, inspiring millions, or the extraordinary discoveries of medical science – Fleming and Penicillin being but one of myriad examples – saving millions.  For others passion manifests in quiet dedication – Mother Teresa showed us this way.

These may seem like lofty icons with their contributions to the greater good beyond our capability and yet we share the same ‘components’, have access to the same qualities.

For heart sits at the heart of all of this.  It is through our heart that we experience the passion of others and feel our joy, inspiration and elevation bubbling up.  And it is through our heart that our positive passion – the energy that transforms – is directed.

When we truly connect with our passion and express with the integrity of our heart we can move what can seem mountains to us.  That might be transforming a tricky relationship, or resolving a conflict that enables those involved to work together in harmony.  Of course, it may be something on a much bigger scale, on a community, society or global scale.

Every positive contribution to the field of humanity, life and our planet matters, no matter how small.  Whatever that contribution is if we bring our heart to it, it will be making a contribution to the greater good of our world.

Trudy Worth