Heartfully transforming our action and interaction

‘It is the heart always that sees, before the head can see.’  Thomas Carlyle

Back in the 3rd Century BC when Aristotle talked about the ‘organ of intellect’ he wasn’t talking about the brain but the heart.  His teacher, Plato, disagreed with this cardio-centric model and, over time, medical science concurred with Plato’s brain-centred model determining what we, as humans, do and how we act.

And yet isn’t the heart still vital in what we do and how?  We live our higher connection, our soul’s purpose, through our heart.  Bringing into action its loving energy in the highest, compassionate, rather than romantic, sense infuses warmth, kindness and humanness into the cool reasoning of our brains.

It is through our hearts that we recognise and value our fellow souls…where we truly open to a sense of one-ness.

Acting heartfully, with love, transforms our relationship with others, with the world and in even the smallest, seemingly inconsequential interactions.  It allows us to see beyond the obvious and discern the invisible, helping us find the path to right action in service of a greater good.

Trudy Worth