Radiating Life 

I read a poem this morning by Nic Askew about a person filled with an inner light or radiance that shone out warmth on even the coldest of days. The poem reminded me of a number of people in my life who shine with such a light and who literally radiate from the heart.

That potential I believe sits within all of us and without doubt I’m sure we have each contacted it whether intentionally, or as a result of some external stimulus that touched deep inside and released it from within us. Imagine a world where every single person was radiating that heartful light every moment of every day.

We can choose that. We can choose that for ourselves and for our own way of living if we decide to go inwards and locate the light and love within our hearts and let it shine out. The love which when expressed as kindness, joy, compassion and courage brings a quality of light like no other.

At its most simple, that light and life is expressed in a smile. So as I head out into my day I am reminding myself to be consciously in contact with my own light and share it through a smile.

Lorraine Flower