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Intention Blog 11

Cause or effect?

I heard the song ‘Chain reaction’ by Diana Ross on the radio the other day and it strikes me that the world feels a lot like that these days…a series of chain reactions. With 24/7 images, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and the like, and the constant stream of sound bite news it’s very […]

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Purpose blog 9

The electric feeling of being ‘on purpose’

As I write this I am feeling very buoyed and energised. In this moment (and for some hours now today) I notice that I am experiencing a deep and strong sense of purpose. I feel almost giddy with the power of it as it pervades my being.

If you were […]

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Presence blog 9

I was reflecting the other day on the qualities of my aunt who died recently. Amongst her many beautiful qualities was the quality of presence – true, meaningful presence. When she was with you she was really with you…even if she wasn’t saying very much – or perhaps especially then.

Presence is about so much more […]

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Heart Blog 10

Radiating Life 

I read a poem this morning by Nic Askew about a person filled with an inner light or radiance that shone out warmth on even the coldest of days. The poem reminded me of a number of people in my life who shine with such a light and who literally radiate from the […]

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Knowing blog 9

Translating knowing

As I get older (in earthly terms) and wiser (in soul terms) I am becoming increasingly aware of the strands of ‘knowing’ that pervade my being. The wise part comes in allowing these ‘strands’ proper houseroom within me and to honour them in how I live and also in how I communicate with […]

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Intention Blog 9

Everything that happens in the Universe starts with intention – Deepak Chopra

The law of cause and effect is essential to contemplate in the context of Deepak Chopra’s quote… we are both the cause and the effect within our Universe and we can only assure beautiful outcomes if we are disciplined in our understanding of how […]

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Purpose blog 7

The marriage between love and purpose

The older I get and the more I reflect on my personal purpose the more I am coming to realise that in many ways as human beings we may all in fact have the same core purpose – to express love in every moment and with every fibre of our […]

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Presence blog 7

‘I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force’

One of the things worth considering as we seek to achieve the inner quality of presence has to do with where our attention is focused. In the world as it is today it is so easy to become caught up in the drama […]

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Heart Blog 8

The subtlety of the heart

˜The highest form of communication will be the grasping of thought without sound.” Agni Yoga – Heart 107

The heart is the most powerful communicator of all. This can be easily seen by expressions of kindness, understanding of others, ability to truly connect with another by ‘speaking’ their language. So often we […]

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Knowing blog 7

Trusting the power of insight

Discernment and trust are two vital components in Knowing in my experience. The first of course to help us differentiate between the impulses of the personality (or ego) and the soul impulse. In other words to be as clear as we can be whether the insight, information or intuition that we […]

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