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Intention Blog 15

The mind in the heart

Of course we’ve all heard of putting our foot in our mouth but I wonder if we have ever pondered the idea of the mind in the heart? Most of us will be very aware of the power of persistence, determination and will when seeking to get things done. And yet […]

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Purpose blog 13

Finding your inner rebel

We are far more familiar these days with the concept of purpose and connecting our own personal lives and our work lives/organisations with something that has deeper meaning and which feels connected to a higher ideal.

We may find that having contemplated and arrived at the sense of that purpose and maybe even […]

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Presence blog 13

Each day we are faced with a cacophony of stimuli – visual, aural, olfactory – to which we sometimes respond positively, feeling energised and inspired, and at other times, seek to avoid in search of peace and quiet.

One of the challenges in our current times is the sheer level of ‘noise’ in our world – […]

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Heart Blog 14

The power of joy in leadership

Over the Christmas period I had the sheer delight of watching the new Mary Poppins film. As a fan of the original I was unsure whether this would be a good move but, for me at least, it was quite simply an hour and a half of pure joy. […]

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Knowing blog 13

Choosing to find our truth   

The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it. Ayn Rand

In a world where it is almost impossible to know what to believe we are called upon more than ever to find our own sense of the truth from a much deeper place. The abundance […]

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Intention Blog 13

How powerful are you?

”A good intention clothes itself with power.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I firmly believe that most people are not motivated to harm others or create mayhem in the world. For sure there are some who have badly and at times catastrophically lost their way and others who have had some bad luck and […]

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Purpose blog 11

The elusive nature of purpose

Although the exploration of purpose has become a more familiar practise across a diverse spectrum of humanity for both individuals and groups, it remains an elusive thing to fully grasp.

Speaking personally I have had moments where I have been able to activate a purpose for myself and/or my organisation and truly […]

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Presence blog 11

One of the aspects of the quality ‘presence’ is the ability to be able to be connected ‘within’ to a centre that is calm, expansive and subtle whilst remaining available to the more dense world of what we might describe as ‘normal daily living’. Bringing those two worlds together – the more subtle with the […]

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Heart Blog 12

The power of empathy

I’m sure like me you’ve noticed the increased number of heart-rending stories that fill our internet and news channels these days. Whether on a global scale in the myriad war torn areas where civilians are living in unimaginable conditions, to the seemingly relentless stream of children being murdered in the UK and […]

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Knowing blog 11

Who or what conducts your Life?

In my experience one of the reasons we can find it so challenging to connect with our inner ‘knowing’ is because we are so practised at navigating Life through our personality. The overloaded transactional nature of life that we have created calls on us relentlessly to address daily activities through […]

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